Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My Fav Song...Saya suka lagu ni sebab lirik lagu dia ada kena mengena dengan hidup saya..heheehe..Kepada anda yang belum dengar,Enjoy k!

Lee Ryan - I Am Who I Am Lyrics
You know I don’t mind if you think I should grow my hair
You know I don’t mind if you pick on the clothes that I wear
But know I can keep my head when all around me are losing theirs, because
I am who I am
And you can’t change me
I’ve done what I can
And I’ll stand my ground
You’re tying my hands
You rearrange me
It all falls down
It all falls down
Why when you dream do you see me as something I’m not
Why don’t you wake up and see all the good things you’ve got
A heart isn’t made out of clay
Not something you shape with your hands, understand
Is the reason you ask me to change so that you stay the same
Well I’m sorry if I keep disappointing you again and again, but
I am who I am

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azeera kamir said...

yup .. this song make me thing about u ..